April 19, 2024

This is not like my usual blogs but I believe it’s important.  I recently watched a programme about a young boy who was on the Autistic Spectrum.  It was very interesting, but very sad – for the child and the parents.

Please don’t click away now.  I know this subject is not relevant to everyone. If it’s not for you, perhaps you know someone who it could help.  If publishing it can help just one child and one family then I’ll be content. There are so many children being born on the Spectrum and they don’t know how to live in our world.  They are frightened by our world: feel isolated and lonely.

Help for those on the Autistic Spectrum 

Peter had been coming to see me for some time.  He was in a very difficult marriage with a young son. The Bach Flower Remedies “made life liveable” for Peter. 

However, Peter’s young son Tom, did not develop as he should and was soon diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum.

Rescue Remedy now became the ‘glue’ that kept the family afloat.  It helped both parents and it helped young Tom a lot.  This is why.

Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy could have been specially ‘made’ Tom and others like him.  It contains 5 remedies mixed together that, when combined, they ‘Rescue’.  Just look at the healing that takes place with Rescue Remedy.  

Star of Bethlehem. The remedy made from this small white flower heals shock, trauma and sadness. The child in the TV programme was lonely – no one would play with him – and he was sad.  Let alone the trauma he had to face in daily life. And he said he was sad because he was different.

Rock Rose heals the fear that rises into panic when the children have to go into a situation that’s unknown to them, or they’re being asked to remember something they’ve forgotten.  It helps when they’re in a situation they don’t know how to deal with.

Cherry Plum is brilliant for the obsessive thoughts: irrational thoughts that they can’t stop.  This remedy helps O.C.D: is soothing and healing.

Impatiens for the frustration they feel when they can’t do what they want to do: can’t find the words to say what they mean.  Impatiens soothes the frustration and irritability they feel.

Clematis is the grounding remedy.  It helps bring the daydreamers to earth.  Those on the Autistic Spectrum live in a different realm to us, Clematis can help ground them.

Other remedies that help

There are three other remedies that Peter found really helped Tom.

Heather.  After Rescue Remedy, Heather is the best remedy to help bring your children (or anyone one on the Spectrum) out of their shell and helps them deal better with life around them.

Holly. The remedy made from the tiny white flowers of Holly is for anger and violent rage.  (No wonder – look at the prickly leaves!)  Tom would go beyond frustration and go into anger that he couldn’t control.  Peter soon learnt the signs that Tom was going into a Holly state, and would give him the remedy before he got out of control.   Holly heals and melts the anger, making life easier for Tom and for his family too.

Chestnut Bud is the remedy to help when we don’t learn something from experience.  It helps with the ability to absorb knowledge.   

This is the link to the blog on Chestnut Bud if you’d like to find out more.

Please Remember

Rescue Remedy and the other remedies will not ‘fix’ being on the Autistic Spectrum – but they certainly do help, bringing relief to both the child and the parents – as Nicki discovered.

Meet Nicki

Nicki’s 9 year old son is on the Autistic Spectrum.  For some time, Nicki has been giving him 2 Sprays of Rescue Remedy his mouth, just before he goes into school every morning (and also when he was facing something he wasn’t comfortably with).

However, being a busy mum she would sometimes forget.  When  she forgot, when she collected her son from school, she was met by the teacher with “You forgot today didn’t you?”

Even the teaching staff recognised the difference in Nicki’s son when he had Rescue Remedy.

The Bach Flower Remedies are natural, simple to use and safe for everyone.  They makes life easier for the child, for the family and for the teachers too.  And, after all, isn’t that all everyone wants – to make life easier.


If you have a spray – 2 sprays when needed will help the world go around.
(This is the most common brand of Bach Flower Remedies sold in UK.  But there are other brands available that are equally effective.)

If you use the liquid remedy, put 4 drops into approximate ½ pint (300mm) of water or drink, so they can drinking it throughout the day.

It will make a difference. 

Even if this blog doesn’t apply to you, perhaps you know someone who has a child on the Spectrum.  If so, please forwarded this to anyone you know that might find it helpful.  Thank you.

Over to you.

As always, I love to hear from you, so please leave your thoughts, comments, and of course questions.  I’m delighted to hear from you and I answer every comment myself.  

Take care, thank you for your help in sharing this blog. 

Warm wishes Rose

About the author 

Rose Todd

  • Martin Outeke says:

    A friend of mine with an autistic kid tried white chestnut on his son and he has perfectly recovered. I to have an 8 year old autistic son and I would like to try too!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello. Thank you for leaving a comment. I’m very pleased to hear that the Bach Flower Remedies have helped your friend’s child. White Chestnut is for repeated thoughts: thoughts that go around and around.
      Cherry Plum is for obsessive thoughts – this can be helpful too. Cherry Plum is in Rescue Remedy, so you could use that to help too.
      And the other remedies I mention in the blog, all will be helpful to those on the Autistic Spectrum.
      Thank you once again fior writing and I’m sure your child will respond well to the Bach Flower Remedies.
      Take care. Rose.

      • I have an older old son with asperger’s, rescue remedy will help him calm down and i can see his eyes relax almost immediately. I think I will get some Holly for anger issues that are worse.

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hello Louise. I’m sorry for the delay in replying to your comment. I’m afraid it “slipped through my net” I’m glad that Rescue Remedy helps your son – and immediately too. It really is a brilliant remedy.
          Holly might help your son’s anger issues – if he feels wounded by someone else. But if he gets frustrated when something he’s doing is not working well, Impatiens will help with that.
          Impatiens is one of the remedies in Rescue Remedy, so Rescue, once again, will “do the trick!.
          I hope this is helpful Louise, and once again I’m sorry about the delay in replying to your Comment. Take care. Rose

          • Hello Todd,
            Thank you so much for this post. My son has autism and I found Rescue remedy helpful many times. But not always.
            He is now adult. He doesn’t like to do any thing. He is very much clinging to his past. Can I give honeysuckle with Rescue remedy ?

          • Rose Todd says:

            Hello Soma. So sorry for the delay. I thought I’d replied to you.
            Yes you can give your son Honeysuckle and Rescue at the same time.
            The reason Rescue doesn’t work any more is beause he doesn’t need it at tyhe times you give it to him. Remember, the energies of the remedies you give your son must match the energies of his fillings.
            I hope this is helpful. Take care. Rose

  • Shalini singh says:

    I noticed if keep sipping whole day we get acidity. Sometimes it seems to help..sometimes not. Whats the correct way of giving? N can we mix other remedies with rescue me?

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Shalini. Thank you for comment.
      I’ve not heard that the remedies can cause acidity before. I wonder, if you’re putting just 2 GTdrops from the stock bottles of each of your chosen remedies into a glass of water? This means at there is only 12 drops of remedy/brandy in the glass of water. Yes, it can have a very strong taste, but I don’t think there would be enough brandy to cause acidity. Please get back to me and tell me how you’re making up the remedies you’re taking.
      And yes, you can mix up to 5 additional remedies with Rescue Remedy. Bach suggested we mix no more than 6 remedies together at one time.
      I hope this helps. But if it doesn’t please get back to me. Rose.

  • ROSANA SOUTO says:

    Hello, dear Rose! Greetings from Brazil! I am glad I have found you! Glad to know that you have been promoting BFE for people on the ASD too! Well, this has become my focus these last years. Today, besides having two grandchildren in the sprectrum, I am ahead of three free social research initiatives as regard as the use of flower essences (Bach and other ranges) for autistic children/people – with very promissng results. Yes, we need to encourage the use of flower essences for this public!
    Kind regards,
    Rosana Souto ( [email protected])

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Rosana. How good to hear from you. Thank you for getting in touch.
      As you know I love the Bach Flowers and promote them wherever I can. It certainly sounds as if you’re a very busy lady with 3 grandchildren and doing lots of good work with charity 9and lock down too!). I intend to do a webinar on the Spectrum and the remedies, but at the moment its on the back burner for a while. But I will do it. Take care and be safe. Love Rose

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