Certified and Accredited Courses
and Online Training

The Bach Flower School has two Bach Flower Courses - a Foundation Course and a Practitioner Diploma Course.  Both the courses are certified, but only the Diploma is accredited.

The Foundation Course provides a solid introduction to the Bach Healing System and contains less than a day's worth of training material.

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The Diploma Course provides deeper understanding of the remedies, Bach's Philosophy and information on detailed analysis of similar remedies and how to identify the differences.  This information is targeted at individuals who seek a much richer understanding.  

There is also a dedicated section of training on 'running a practice' for those using this course to launch their Practitioner Journey. 

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Certified Courses 

This means that when you finish the Course, on request, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion.

This course will probably not have any exercises or final evaluation. And you possibly might not have a tutor.

Insurances Companies will not accept a Certificate of Completion as being a satisfactory level of knowledge and practice skills for you to be able practice safely.

The Bach Flower School Coures

The Bach Flower School’s
Foundation Course

This is a basic course aimed at those who want to heal themselves and their loved ones.  There are no exercises or evaluations and there is no allotted tutor.
However, Rose is always available for support with the studies or personal issues.

A Certificate of Completion is issued upon request.

This Certificate is not accepted by insurances companies for you to practice.

This is a basic course aimed at those who want to help themselves 
and their loved ones.

The Bach Flower School's
Practitioner Diploma

This is a Practitioner’s course and goes deeper into all the remedies, the similarities and the differences of remedies and into Edward Bach’s philosophy.

This course, although the pace of the course is not monitored, to gain your accredited Practitioner Certificate, you’ll have to submit exercises on philosophy and the remedies for evaluation, and submit 4 of your own cases.

If your work is of high standard, you’ll achieve the accredited Practitioner Diploma Certificate.

This accredited Certificate is accepted by insurance companies to practice.    

The Certificate issued by The Bach Flower School is accepted by insurances companies which will enable you to use Bach Flower Remedies with your clients and patients.