'This and That'  a tea and biscuit philosophy on life...

Deborah Hatch

Magazine Editor

"I can vouch for this book being a brilliant little asset. You can read an uplifting and thought provoking short story or anecdote in less than a minute in the morning. I've built it into my daily routine - another little positive habit tip!"

Sue Stone

Inspirational Speaker

Reading about the '5 Principles' gave me a restored sense of purpose and the Bach Flower Remedies helped me to be able to help and heal myself and others.

Rose Todd

Founder of the Bach Flower School  and  author of Simply Bach Flowers guides you through her fundamental approach to life - how to turn even the most serious disappointment to your advantage... and laugh your way to a fulfilling life...   

I hope you enjoy the Free e-book.  I sure had fun writing it... !

Roes Todd
Rose Todd Bach Flower Remedies Teacher