February 24

The Bach Flower Diploma Tutorials


For those of you who missed the Tutorial, This is what Jane said …

I really enjoyed interacting with the other Diploma students.
It was interesting to hear other views and opinions. Look forward to the next Zoom session”.  Jane F. UK



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  • Matilde Machiavello says:

    Amazing experience, great learning! Thanks Rose, it was great to share the session and see our faces! Looking forward to next one soon. Cheers to all 🙂

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Matilde. Thank you so much. I was very glad you could attend.
      It really was lovely to see everyone and be able to chat openly. I’m looking forward to the next session too.

  • Cheryl Scott says:

    It was really good to have met the other diploma students I found my fist zoom meeting very enjoyable and listening to rose interact with the other students about different topics, can not wait to see you all at the next meeting

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Cheryl. Thank you for your lovely message. m It was a pleasure meeting you on the Tutorial too.
      The Tutorials are a wderful supportive time and those that attend regularly, love the,. Enjoy your studies and enjoy using the remedies. Rose

      • Cheryl Scott says:

        Thank you rose . it’s a pleasure to be working with you as my mentor

        • Rose Todd says:

          Thank you Cheryl. Its a pleasure to have you studying at the Bach Flower School. Rose

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