Bach Foundation Course

The Foundation Course provides the fundamental understanding of the Bach Flower Remedy System.  It provides knowledge of the Philosophy of Dr. Edward Bach and details of how the Bach Remedies (sometimes called 'Essences') are made and used.  

The Foundation Course provides initial details on each and every remedy, including Rescue Remedy.  These details are sufficient to become confident with choosing remedies for yourself and your loved-ones.  For a deeper understanding of the remedies (and to use them as practitioner) you might like to consider the Diploma Course.

14 Lessons


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Bach Diploma Course

The Diploma Course builds on the fundamentals learnt in the Foundation Course.  It deepens your knowledge of the Bach Essences, while gaining deeper self-knowledge.  This creates deeper compassion and more meaningful healing that will benefit both yourself and your clients. The self-development and learning will enable you to quickly and clearly identify what needs to be healed in others.


On completion of this certified course you'll be able to pass your certificate to your insurance company and begin practicing.

21 Lessons


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Bach Diploma Coaching

Personalised one-to-one calls with Rose to fast track your completion of the Diploma. This will intensify the learning experience and help to cement your new knowledge.

Bach Flower Community

Welcome the Bach Flower School Family.  Here you'll find a wealth of knowledge and support... so you'll never feel alone.  Whenever you need a bit of help... or even a bit of chatter... this is the place to be!  Take the first step now... take a look and see what is included...

Bach Flower Audio Guide

Getting to know the remedies.... really know them... and their intricacies can be tricky.  Whilst the later modules go through the deeper detail, this lesson provides a brief audio guide covering all of the remedies.  Think of this as the 'quick start guide'... 

Bach Flower Remedy Prescriber Guide

Bach Flower Remedy Prescriber Guide.  Your guide will be in the post shortly. In the mean time, why not take a look at the extra Bach goodies in here for you...?

Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy Guide

Welcome to this focused training on the healing power of Rescue Remedy (5 Flower).  I hope that you enjoy the training... 

Bach Flowers Consultation

Personalised assistance to help you choose individual Bach Flower Remedies for you to help with your current situation.