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Professional Bach Flower Training with Rose Todd

Hello I'm Rose Todd and I've been teaching Bach Flower courses internationally for several decades...

I graduated from the Bach Foundation in 1992. So you can tell I have been doing this a long time... and in that time I have absorbed a lot of knowledge and crucially, I have refined exactly how best to pass it across to others through effective teaching.

I have run courses in Hong Kong, Dubai, South Africa and the UK. I have even presented Bach Flower Information on many radio broadcasts!

I look forward to welcoming you to the courses and to enabling you to extract the huge and unbounded benefits that the Bach Flower Remedies can offer...

Rose Todd- Bach Flower School

Don't know where to start?

Easy! Start with our FREE Bach Flower Remedy Handy Prescriber, the Fastest Way to Find Out Which Remedies You Need...

How we can help you in your Bach Flower Learning and Training...

Bach Flower Foundation Course

This online course gives you a thorough understanding of Bach Flowers in 12 Modules.

Each module contains a high quality training video, downloadable audio, transcript, module guide and slide pack.

12 Video Modules

High quality videos that play on all devices.

Downloadable Guides

Easily downloadable written guides to help you study.

Online Members Area

All your learning material in one easily to access online area.

Support From Rose

Individual advice from Rose to assist your learning journey.


Bach Flower Diploma Course

This is a fully accredited diploma in Bach Flowers Remedies, suitable for therapist training.

Includes 8 High Impact Modules that will will help you and your clients get the most out of Bach Flower Remedies.  

Full Diploma Qualification

You can become a certified practioner after completion.

Videos and Guides

Easily downloadable written guides and videos tutorials.

Online Members Area

All your learning material in one easily to access online area.

Support From Rose

Individual advice from Rose to assist your diploma journey.

Simply Bach Flowers Book

Simply Bach Flowers by Rose Todd is an excellent handbook for those new to Bach Flowers, as well as professional prescribers.

It blends Bach’s philosophy with modern-day spirituality as it describes the simplicity of the Bach Flower healing system.  There are insightful remedy descriptions and everyday examples of each of the remedies.The book is in 3 parts.

Part 1: A Vibrational Healing System.  This covers Dr Bach and how he dedicated his life in service. Here you’ll uncover the astonishing power of our emotions and the natural ancient universal law of Sympathetic Resonance.  Bach discovered all his remedies through the process of Sympathetic Resonance.

Part 2The Remedies. This chapter starts with the making and taking the Remedies. Each of the remedies is then covered with a short story to illustrate it’s healing power.

Part 3: Practical Spirituality covering your own everyday miracles and the last chapter, which is where we’re all heading, whether we know it or not, discusses walking the power of the soul.

Simply Bach Flowers Book

Feedback from our happy customers and students...

The course is simply laid out with video modules, just like being taught by a teacher in the same room! ...Rose gave me exemplary support. Every time I contacted her, she went above and beyond to help, with informed emails to answer all of my questions.

Tiffany K

I am most impressed with the sincere care you show by answering every question, every inquiry, every letter I write you, in a thorough and very personal way. I've taken (and given) many seminars in my day, but seldom found the level of personal concern you have shown.

Christine Vanacore - Therapist

I have always been interested in how my emotions affect my life…However it was only after undertaking Rose Todd’s online Bach Flower Essence course that things started to really make sense for me!

The course profoundly helped me, not only to understand the power of recognising our emotions, but more importantly how i could use the  Bach Flower Essences to me me contra my emotions, which ultimately has helped me create a happier reality...

Belle E

The course is easy to use, and I could do it in my own time. Great resources. I loved having the written information as well as the videos...

Very good communication with Rose. Email correspondence is excellent plus it's great to have the live chat for the odd quick question...

If you're thinking about taking the course - go for it! You can learn from someone who has the knowledge and experience.

Maria P

"There is no true healing unless there is a change of outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness" -  Edward Bach