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Fully Qualified Bach Flower Practitioners

Aya Mitsuishi, London UK

Hello my name is Aya Mitsuishi and I am originally from Japan.  
I have been an admirer of Bach Flower Remedies for about 20 years. Now I have my own practice and my regular clients are enjoying the benefits of Bach Flower remedies.
For consultation please contact: [email protected] or 07753375672

Melanie Burgess, Wrexham UK

Hello, I am Melanie Burgess and I’m a graduate Bach Flower practitioner from the Bach Flower School. I am also a qualified Bach Flower practitioner for animals (from a different course provider), the wonders of Bach Flower healing for the whole family!
I offer consultations both online and face to face for people and animals!
For consultation please contact: [email protected] or 07970 758811

Sue Cooke, Suffolk UK

I’ve been successfully using Bach Flowers for many years on myself, family, friends and even my various pets!  I have so much respect for their healing qualities that I decided to learn more on a much deeper level.  I achieved my Diploma and feel proud to be listed as a Bach Flower Practitioner. I love helping my clients on a mental and emotional level because after all, this is known as the root of all dis-ease! 

For consultations please contact me on 01502 478198 or 07841 533390
or email [email protected]

Heather English, Pensacola, FL, USA

My name is Heather English. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2010 and am a certified Bach Flower Practitioner.  In an initial consultation I will listen to your concerns and find the right blend of Remedies for you. I am very passionate about holistic forms of healing!  There is nothing quite like seeing someone who is in physical or emotional pain regain their life. I would truly love to work with you to help you get back to being the best you.

For consultations please contact me at: 706-980-9162 or email [email protected]

Helen Valentino, Surrey & East Sussex UK

I came across the Bach flowers 25 yrs ago then they came back into my life in a big way, I felt called to study them in depth and during my training the results from my case studies blew me away. I can’t wait to share their incredible healing power with you.

For consultations in person or on-line please contact me on +44 797 179 8462
or email [email protected]

Cathy Nickless, West Midlands UK

I love working with the Bach Flowers and the way they change our feelings.  You don’t have to live with anxieties, depression, pain or hurt as the Bach’s can heal and soothe your emotions.
My favourite saying is that healing your feelings changes your life – and I’ve seen it happen time and time again. I look forward to helping you to change your life with the Bach Remedies.

For consultations please contact me at: 0781 660 8034
or email [email protected]

Soundarya Krishnamoorthi, Tamil Nadu, India

I am Soundarya Krishnamoorthi, I’m from Tamil Nadu, India. I love working with the Bach Flower Remedies and the way they align our Soul’s Journey. I love this quote “Disease is in essence the result of conflict between Soul and Mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental efforts”- Dr. Edward Bach from Heal Thyself.

I’m a Certified Bach flower practitioner from The Bach Flower School of England. My personal experience with Bach flower has been very powerful and I’m honoured to help everyone to communicate with their inner voice through these remedies.

For consultation (both virtually and in person) please contact me at: [email protected]

Jacqui Green, Lancashire UK

Hello my name is Jacqui Green,I have been working with  Bach flowers for many years and how they gently support us emotionally. I love this quote by Dr Bach: "Health depends on being in harmony with your soul" from Heal thyself. I offer in person and online consultations. I currently live in Lancashire.

For consultations please contact me at: 0782 682 3692 or email [email protected]
Instagram: jacqui.green10 and Facebook: Jacqui green.

Deborah Flanagan, New York USA

Author of Building a Powerful Practice, Deborah Flanagan established the Center for True Health in NYC in 2008 and has since guided thousands of people through major life changes using Bach Flower Essences, as well as Reiki, Hypnosis, and Tao Hands. She loves the Flower Essences as a powerful tool for self healing.  For consultation please contact: [email protected]

Canka Mincheva, Las Vegas USA

I am Canka Mincheva, and my long journey with Bach Flowers has changed my life.

I am a Certified Practitioner with Bach Flower School principles to help my clients connect with their inner nature. I am dedicated to helping you to communicate with your inner voice through the Bach Flower system.

For consultations please contact me at [email protected]

Rachael Hall, USA

Hi my name is Rachael Hall.

Bach Remedies have helped myself and my family so much I decided to become a Bach Flower Practitioner. Although I have experience with other healing modalities I have found Bach Remedies to be truly special and powerful. I particularly love helping children

For consultations please contact me at [email protected]

Mohini Mamarde, Atlanta Georgia USA

I am a certified Practitioner from The Bach Flower School of England. I was introduced to the wonderful Bach Flower emotional healing in my childhood by my beloved Dad. Since then, I've continued my passion for them in an urge to heal others naturally. During a consultation, I will facilitate the remedy selection process and help create the perfect mix for your negative emotions along with detailed instructions on how to take them.

For consultations please contact me at 470-334-6676 or email [email protected]

Rory McDonald, Dallas Texas USA

I am an Integrative Wellness Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner with over twenty years experience of wellness practices that promote life balance. The Bach therapies provide a means of integrative wellness that reach the innermost depths of the soul, promoting healing and emotional solace. I use the Bach therapies in my own journey daily and encourage others to Incorporate the remedies when faced with emotional challenges or changes.

For consultations please contact me at [email protected]

Meghan Del Prete, Saratoga Springs, New York

Meghan helps clients with emotional healing through Bach flowers, movement and nutrition. She is a Pilates Teacher Trainer and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and believes that our foods and posture greatly impact our emotions. Her personal experience with Bach Flowers has been very powerful and she is honored to offer them to her clients. Meghan is located in Saratoga Springs, New York and works with clients in person and virtually. 

For consultations please contact me at: 518-281-6341

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