The Bach Flower Foundation Course

A Beginners Bach Flower Online Course

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The Bach Flower Foundation Course

This online course gives you a thorough understanding of Bach Flowers in 12 Multi Media Modules.

Each module contains a high quality training video, downloadable audio, transcript, module guide and slide pack. 

11 Video Modules

In each video Rose Todd will guide each step of the way!

Videos and Guides

Easily downloadable written guides and videos tutorials.

Online Members Area

All your learning material in one easily to access online area.

Support From Rose

Advice from Rose to assist your journey.

A Highly Focused Multi Media Course

12 High Impact Modules that will help you get the most out of Bach Flower Remedies

Each module contains a high quality training video, downloadable audio, transcript, module guide and slide pack.  

#1 - Introduction to Bach Flowers

Video Duration: 20m

  • Introduction to Bach
  • Bach Fundamentals
  • How Bach Remedies Work
  • Bach Self-Help Therapy

#2 - Groups and Rescue Remedy

Video Duration: 10m

  • The Stress Wheel
  • All about Rescue Remedy
  • Taking Rescue Remedy correctly
  • The 7 Emotional Groups

#3 - Remedy Group 1. Remedies for Fears

Video Duration: 8m

  • Courage and Bravery
  • Calmness and Control
  • Trusting the Unknown
  • Trusting Life

#4 - Remedy Group 2. Remedies for Loneliness

Video Duration: 9m

  • Emotionally Withdrawn
  • Emotional Commitment
  • Overcoming impatience
  • Dealing with Loneliness

#5 - Remedy Group 3.

Remedies for Despondency and Despair

Video Duration: 15m

  • Dealing with Depression
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Self Blame and Guilt
  • Shock, Trauma and Resentment

#6 - Remedy Group 4.

Remedies for Insufficient Interest in Life

Video Duration: 13m

  • Always Living in the Future
  • Always Living in the Past
  • Gloom, Apathy. No Motivation
  • Physical and Mental Exhaustion

#7 - Remedy Group 5. Remedies for Oversensitive to Influences

Video Duration: 9m

  • Hiding and Disguising Anxiety
  • Anxious to Serve or Weak-Will
  • 'Doormat' Type Personality
  • Anger, Rage, Jealousy

#8 - Remedy Group 6. Remedies Over-Care for Others

Video Duration: 10m 

  • Self-Pity. Hurt & Tearful, Martyr
  • Always Stressed
  • Tyrants, Bullies, Demanding
  • Possessive and Clingy

#9 - Remedy Group 7. Remedies for Doubt and Uncertainty

Video Duration: 18m

  • Hiding and Disguising Anxiety
  • Anxious to Serve or Weak-Will
  • 'Doormat' Type Personality
  • Anger, Rage, Jealousy

#10 - The Various ways to Take the Bach Flower Essences

Video Duration: 4m 

  • Doubt and Indecision
  • Disappointment
  • 'Despondency / Hopelessness
  • Lack of Direction,'Drifting'

#11 - Identifying Negative Belief Patterns

Video Duration: 1m

  • Stock Bottles
  • Making Your Unique Mixtures
  • 'Different Ways to Take Essences
  • How Much and How Frequently?

#12 and 13 - Your Feedback

No Video here!

  • Deeper Emotional Understanding
  • Identifying the 'cross-over' points
  • 'The Next Steps for You
  • Free 20 minute Consultation

All delivered via a very easy to navigate members area...Press Play for a quick tour inside!

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Watch and Study on any Device

Within the Online Bach Flower Training Course, You'll Discover...

  • How to identify your real feelings and exactly what causes you stress
  • Little known facts about the flowers, their essences and how they can help you
  • How and why Bach divided the essences into 7 groups, and how you could easily be using the wrong group
  • The Essential Soul types and how these relate to Bach Flower Remedies
  • How to identify your ‘negative default’ programme and choose an essence to heal it
  • Learn a cameo of each of the 38 remedies in 7 different groups
  • How know with certainty that you're taking the right remedies
  • The surprising healing power of Rescue Remedy (when used in the right scenarios)
  • A little of Edward Bach’s history and we touch on his philosophy
  • The right way to use the essences, so that you get near instant results, every time
  • Advice on how to mix up your own personal and unique elixir
  • Several Unique Guides to ensure you are using just the right Bach Flower Remedies for your specific situation

After the course you’ll start recognising your own feelings and emotions and those of others too – and be able to take and give the appropriate remedies to help restore emotional harmony.

Meet Your Bach Flower Tutor Rose Todd

Hello I'm Rose Todd and I've been teaching Bach Flower courses internationally for several decades...

I graduated from the Bach Foundation in 1992. So you can tell I have been doing this a long time... and in that time I have absorbed a lot of knowledge and crucially, I have refined exactly how best to pass it across to others through effective teaching.

I have run courses in Hong Kong, Dubai, South Africa and the UK. I have even presented Bach Flower Information on many radio broadcasts!

I look forward to welcoming you to the courses and to enabling you to extract the huge and unbounded benefits that the Bach Flower Remedies can offer.

Rose Todd- Bach Flower School

Overcome the Most Common Mistakes...

I completely understand if you’ve tried the Essences and they haven’t done much for you.

A lot of people take Rescue Remedy and expect it to heal everything from irritability, anger, and depression to lack of self-confidence.

Rescue Remedy, although incredibly powerful, isn’t a panacea for all ills.

I can assure you, I’ve been using the essences for decades and taught hundreds of people how to manage their emotions and moods.

I know I can help you to find the right mixture that will help you feel so much better. Whether you’re interested in managing your own emotions or helping your family to cope with the stresses we all face in life, Bach Flowers can help you.

We all want to feel as good as we can, all the time and the training in this Bach Flower Online course will help you...

There is nothing more important than feeling happy! Bach Flower Essences are an amazing way to help us heal and sooth our unwanted negative feelings.  

Bach Flowers are the easiest way I know of to convert negative to positive!

Also included in this Foundation Course..

Downloadable Audio for all Modules

Case Studies for Key Modules

Quizzes for Key Modules

Online Guides for all Modules

OnlineTranscripts for all Modules

Online Slide Packs for all Modules

Feedback from our happy customers and students...

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The course is simply laid out with video modules, just like being taught by a teacher in the same room! ...Rose gave me exemplary support. Every time I contacted her, she went above and beyond to help, with informed emails to answer all of my questions.

Tiffany K

I am most impressed with the sincere care you show by answering every question, every inquiry, every letter I write you, in a thorough and very personal way. I've taken (and given) many seminars in my day, but seldom found the level of personal concern you have shown.

Christine Vanacore - Therapist

I have always been interested in how my emotions affect my life…However it was only after undertaking Rose Todd’s online Bach Flower Essence course that things started to really make sense for me!

The course profoundly helped me, not only to understand the power of recognising our emotions, but more importantly how i could use the  Bach Flower Essences to control my emotions, which ultimately has helped me create a happier reality...

Belle E

The course is easy to use, and I could do it in my own time. Great resources. I loved having the written information as well as the videos...

Very good communication with Rose. Email correspondence is excellent plus it's great to have the live chat for the odd quick question...

If you're thinking about taking the course - go for it! You can learn from someone who has the knowledge and experience.

Maria P


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