The Bach Flower Diploma Course

An Advanced Certified Bach Flower

Online Course for Practitioners

Once you complete this high level multi media course you will receive a Diploma in Bach Flowers

About this Course...

Bach Flower Diploma Course

This is an internationally accredited diploma in Bach Flowers Remedies, suitable for therapist training.

Includes 8 High Impact Modules that will will help you and your clients get the most out of Bach Flower Remedies.  

Full Diploma Qualification

You can become a certified practioner after completion.

Videos and Guides

Easily downloadable written guides and videos tutorials.

Online Members Area

All your learning material in one easily to access online area.

Support From Rose

Individual advice from Rose to assist your diploma journey.

This Bach Flower School Diploma Course is Accreditated by The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and is accepted worldwide

Highly Focused Multi Media Course

8 High Impact Modules that will will help you and your clients get the most out of Bach Flower Remedies

#1 - Introduction

Duration: 20m

The foundation of Bach Therapy. Gain a solid understanding of how you need to work within it's parameters.

  • Bach's Spirituality
  • 5 Basic Principles
  • Doctrine of Signatures
  • Sun and Boiling Methods

#2 - The Twelve Healers

Duration: 30m

These are the 12 personality types. Discovering your 'type' will unlock huge potential for you.

  • Personalities (Soul, Gifts, Talents)
  • Life Responses
  • Which is your Affinity Remedy?
  • The Power of Colour

#3 - The Seven Helpers

Duration: 30m

How to use the 7 Helpers to peel back your protective layers for enhanced healing. 

  • Role of the 7 Helpers
  • How the 7 Helpers relate to 'life'
  • Recognising your limiting beliefs
  • Compare & contrast remedies

#4 - Helping Others

Duration: 30m

Learn 'how' to listen & what to listen for. Learning this vital skill will enable you to help yourself and others too!

  • Unraveling Stories
  • Power of 'Listen Only' mode
  • Secret 'Language' clues
  • Filtering out the key messages

#5 - The 2nd Nineteen

Duration: 30m

How to tackle the stress of daily life. Learn how to use the 2nd Nineteen for best effect.

  • The 4 Blocks
  • What 'is' Stress?
  • Your Personal Stress Response
  • Treat 'The Now' not 'The Past'

#6 - Prescribing for others

Duration: 30m

Discover the correct methods and best practice for creating powerful and unique 'personal mix'.

  • The 'Power' of Water
  • The 3 Consumption Methods
  • Correct Dosages
  • Do's and Don'ts (& Myths)

#7 - Case Studies

Duration: 1h 30m

Academic knowledge is useless unless applied. Work through tricky case studies to test your new knowledge.

  • Gain 'Practical' Experience
  • Tutor Supported Diagnosis
  • Model Answers
  • Feedback Discussions

#8 - Home Study 

Duration:18h +

Home Study of the Remedies to cement your learning. Assessed practical application via case studies.

  • Self Reflection / Journaling
  • Tutor Marked Assessments
  • Case Work, plus Follow-Up
  • (* Necessary for Certification)

Watch and Study on any Device

Understand Bach Flowers...
Help Yourself... AND then Help Others!

  • 1
    The first step is to become 'Self-Aware'.  Often this is only done at a superficial level.  However, this programme will teach you how to become Self-Aware at a much deeper level.  This can unlock truly remarkable transformations for you...
  • 2
    Your life is a reflection of how you feel.  Your every thought, word and action determines the outcomes you'll achieve.  This programme provides all the tools and understanding needed to make changes to help gain the outcomes that you want to achieve...
  • 3
    It is not possible to take care of anybody else, unless you first take care of you yourself.  Only when you are comfortable with who you are can you help your loved ones.  This programme teaches you how to help yourself in order to help others.

Meet Your Bach Flower Tutor Rose Todd

Hello I'm Rose Todd and I've been teaching Bach Flower courses internationally for several decades...

I graduated from the Bach Foundation in 1992. So you can tell I have been doing this a long time... and in that time I have absorbed a lot of knowledge and crucially, I have refined exactly how best to pass it across to others through effective teaching.

I have run courses in Hong Kong, Dubai, South Africa and the UK. I have even presented Bach Flower Information on many radio broadcasts!

I look forward to welcoming you to the courses and to enabling you to extract the huge and unbounded benefits that the Bach Flower Remedies can offer...

Rose Todd- Bach Flower School

Also included in this Diploma Course..

Downloadable Audio for all Modules

Case Studies for Key Modules

Quizzes for Key Modules

Online Guides for all Modules

OnlineTranscripts for all Modules

Online Slide Packs for all Modules

Is This Course Right For You?

this course is for those:

  • Seeking more knowledge and understanding of this wonderful healing tool.
  • Who want an accredited course they can use to gain invaluable information to help themselves and their clients further.
  • Wishing to uncover more about themselves and discover insights on a deeply personal level.
  • Wishing to implement & practice Bach Flower Remedies using Dr. Bach's Authentic Methods...
  • Looking to open up future opportunities with greater earning potential.

this IS not for Those:

  • Looking for a 'quick fix' - this is detailed training with long lasting benefits.
  • Not willing to invest in themselves or in their future - taking this course is a sign you are valuing YOU.
  • Not looking for enlightenment - this training material inspires you to be more and allows you to do more.
  • Who don't have an inbuilt compassion for caring for people.
  • Not taking health & well-being seriously. This course can be a life changing event if you fully commit to it.

Feedback from our happy customers and students...

The course is simply laid out with video modules, just like being taught by a teacher in the same room! ...Rose gave me exemplary support. Every time I contacted her, she went above and beyond to help, with informed emails to answer all of my questions.

Tiffany K

I am most impressed with the sincere care you show by answering every question, every inquiry, every letter I write you, in a thorough and very personal way. I've taken (and given) many seminars in my day, but seldom found the level of personal concern you have shown.

Christine Vanacore - Therapist

I have always been interested in how my emotions affect my life…However it was only after undertaking Rose Todd’s online Bach Flower Essence course that things started to really make sense for me!

The course profoundly helped me, not only to understand the power of recognising our emotions, but more importantly how i could use the  Bach Flower Essences to me me contra my emotions, which ultimately has helped me create a happier reality...

Belle E

The course is easy to use, and I could do it in my own time. Great resources. I loved having the written information as well as the videos...

Very good communication with Rose. Email correspondence is excellent plus it's great to have the live chat for the odd quick question...

If you're thinking about taking the course - go for it! You can learn from someone who has the knowledge and experience.

Maria P


Please note: you will need to complete the Bach Foundation Course and then this Diploma Course in order to achieve your accreditation and be able to practice.

Chose the option that suits you the best...
(Single Investment OR Installments)


(Most Affordable)


89/ month for 6 months

  • Approx $114/mo (USD)
  • Six Installments - very affordable
  • Accreditation on Completion
  • 1 x Online Training Course: The Diploma Course
  • Personal Support from Rose and the Team

100% Money Back Guarantee for 365 Days for all my Bach Courses

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

I work very hard to make sure that my training materials are 'the best' and that they get YOU the best learning outcomes.  

I stand by this with an 'unheard of' 365 day guarantee.  

When did you last see this on a course?

If at any time within 365 days of committing to the course you are not 100% satisfied, just send me a message and I'll refund ALL of your money, no questions asked.  

You can even keep any downloads as my way of saying 'thanks for giving it a try'.  

So you can try this course 'risk free'! - Rose

Do You Need the Foundation Course as Well...?

You can upgrade to the Practitioner Programme!

NOTE FROM ROSE: It is advisable that you have completed my Foundation Bach Flower training course before you start this Diploma course and work towards your accreditation.

It can be bought as a seperate course or you can get my New Practitioner Programme.

The New Practitioner Programme offers you BOTH the Foundation Course and this Diploma Course in one package at a special discounted fee.

If you’re unsure please write to Rose on [email protected] and ask for more information on this.



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