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Hello.... I'm so pleased to see you here! Welcome... 

It's really great that you have made the commitment to join this vibrant community.  So many members have told me that it is the best thing about the school and that it's helped them grow and expand their experience and knowledge both during and after their studies... 

I would personally like to welcome you into this amazing community... well... Bach Flowers is now much more than a community... is a Movement!  Welcome  to the Movement...

Here's what you need to do next:

STEP #1  - Send me a Friend Request , if we are not already friends on Facebook (Rose Todd) on Facebook.  Click the button below to get to Facebook.  From there you can send a friend request. Please contact me if you need help with this - I know it can be a bit  daunting  if you have not done this before or for a while...!  

STEP #2  - Please introduce yourself to the group .  Imagine that joining a Facebook group is like walking into a crowed party... no body will know that you are there if you sit in a corner!  

So please post a 'hello message' and allow the other group members to welcome you into the family... if you don't do this... then we won't know you are there and we can't help... which,  after all , is what this is all about!

If you are a bit shy on Facebook, I understand... I know several people who don't ever post on Facebook.  However, these people  are very happy posting in the secure group (it is a secrete Facebook Group meaning that nobody outside the group will see your posts or even know that you are in this group).

In case you fancied  it here is a sample introductory message format to use. You don't have to use all (or any) of it... but please do say hello in your own way somehow...

Example format:

"Hello... my name is < your name here >, I have just joined this community. I'm a < your job or situation here > I have the < your course or product goes here >.  I'm so excited to be getting started.  My biggest question right now is < your question goes here >.

Example #1 

Hello, my name is Jane, I've just joined this community. I'm a natural health therapist and I am on the Diploma course.  I can't wait to get going... but was just wondering for other Diploma students, how long has it taken you to do module 1.  Thanks so much... Jane.

Example #2

Hi ya - Amy here.... I'm a Mum with two young  children (5 and 3 yrs) and I'm a Natural health enthusiast.  I've just started the Foundation course.  I'm hoping to help my youngest who is very 'clingy' and suffers from separation anxiety. Anybody got any experience with this... thanks. Amy.

Bach 5 Principles

IF YOU NEED HELP: If you ever need any help, anything at all, then please write to me at [email protected] or simply use the 'Live Chat' button on the website to contact me.  I will always do my best to respond as quickly as I can. 

(I'm in the UK, London Time, so please keep 'time-zones' in mind... I may not be able to answer you immediately - but I'll get back to you just as soon as I can).

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Welcome to the Bach Flower School Community

Welcome the Bach Flower School Family.  Here you'll find a wealth of knowledge and support... so you'll never feel alone.  Whenever you need a bit of help... or even a bit of chatter... this is the place to be!

Take the first step now... take a look and see what is included...