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Thanks so much for helping with the shipping costs ... I'll pop your Bach Flower Remedy Prescriber Guide in the post today...

  • This illustrated, fold-out, guide gives an  overview of all 38 remedies...
  • I ncludes Rescue Remedy (Also Know as "5 Flower")...
  • It’s the  quickest way for you to decide which remedies you need for your situation.  
  • Simply select up to 6 remedies that match your scenario.  
  • Dr Bach's Flower Essences soothes our feelings  helps us to regain our sense of calm, composure and  well-being !
  • How to take the essences, including dosage guidelines, is detailed on the inside front cover of the Pocket Prescriber.
Bach Flowers Prescriber Guide Bach Flowers A-Z Gudie Plus Get Instant Access to these free Bach goodies.... All Day Bach goodness ... just for you! Bach_Flowers_5_Principles

Bach's Five Priciples


The Healing Journey

Bach 5 Principles

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