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BRAND NEW WEBINAR: Helping You Through the Menopause with Bach Flowers


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Your Bach Flower Tutor Rose Todd

Hello I'm Rose Todd and I've been teaching Bach Flower courses internationally for several decades...

I graduated from the Bach Foundation in 1992. So you can tell I have been doing this a long time... and in that time I have absorbed a lot of knowledge and crucially, I have refined exactly how best to pass it across to others through effective teaching.

I have run courses in Hong Kong, Dubai, South Africa and the UK. I have even presented Bach Flower Information on many radio broadcasts!

I look forward to welcoming you on this webinar and showing how Bach Flowers can really help you while you navigate the menopause.

Rose Todd- Bach Flower School

"There is no true healing unless there is a change of outlook, peace of

mind and inner happiness" -  Edward Bach