Help! Christmas will be here soon 

and I have something NEW to help you with it!

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Many of us enjoy the merry-go-round of Christmas, but it can produce a lot of stress…

...Finding the perfect gifts through the throngs of panicking shoppers, jostling in the supermarkets to get all that special food in, not to mention playing the perfect host with your various visiting relatives.

All of this can leave you, well rather frazzled, exhausted with a longing desire to hide away in a darkened room with a bottle of your favourite tipple and a tin of Quality Street to yourself!

Oh yes, I know that YOU know about Christmas Stress!

You feel like you have taken on more than you can cope with and this triggers your anxieties and that awful feeling of being out of control. 

I know this, because I’ve been there so many times!

Here’s where Bach and I can help 

Santa’s little helper (that’s me Rose), has developed a special mix of Bach Flowers that I call:

The Bach Christmas Survival Kit!

It helps you with all the negative feelings that can come up at Christmas time

With this wonderful mix you’ll get much more done, and (dare I suggest) you’ll even find some Christmas happiness and even a touch of Christmas Zen!

Each 30 ml ‘ready to take’ bottle has been personally mixed by me, Rose and contains a specifically chosen blend of remedies to help you deal with the common stressors that Christmas time often brings.

How to use:

Simply put 4 drops into a glass of water and sip through the day, or two drops directly on the tongue.

Best to use when, say uncle Bernard launches into another 28 minute story about his lawn maintenance…or when the kids have eaten sweets all morning and are bouncing off the walls … or when the turkey explodes in the oven….or when...........


Each 30ml Bottle is just £20 each including postage to the UK.

Oh and they make great ‘tree presents’ too for any friend that you think may welcome a Bach Christmas Survival Kit too!

At the moment it is only available for UK customers  - (so sorry if you’re overseas).

I am only taking orders up until 20th December so they get to you in time for Christmas sent via the Royal Mail.

Order Here

Treat yourself to some Bach 'Christmas Calm' in a bottle. The price is just £20 per bottle including UK postage!


"I have given the Christmas Survival Kit to several people.... 

My mum and step dad who are in their nineties,  my daughter who has a toddler.....and a friend who has a child with ADHD aged 6 and a daughter aged 4 and a husband with a high powered job who is not around a lot.

So all of these have very different circumstances and very different issues, stresses and  problems during this Christmas period.

They have been taking them for a good few days now and I spoke to them today.

They all expressed thanks and appreciation as they felt very much better than before they took this wonderful Christmas combination which is helping them with impatience, self confidence, blaming themselves when things inevitably go wrong, all those thoughts and worries that go round and round in your head trying to remember everything, the complete panic that everything will go wrong and everyone's behaviour driving them mad!

All in all, a wonderful combination I and they, would all recommend it."

Jane - Bach Flower Practitioner