October 2, 2022

Grief and a broken heart, along with anger, I believe, are two of our deepest feelings.  They both seem to go into the depths of our being and tear at our soul.

Both emotions give birth to a whole host of other feelings from despair, being discouraged and disappointment.  Leading to loneliness and lack of self-worth. And of course, it conjures up feelings of “how am I going to manage without him/her?”  

Bach Flower Remedies can help you heal your grief, and sooth other feelings too.  But sometimes its difficult to chose which of the 38 remedies suit you best.  These FREE Bach Flower Guides can help you.  

his blog is about grief : the pain of a broken heart.   But if anger is raging within you then this blog will help you too.

At sometime in our lives we all suffer from the loss of someone or a pet we love dearly.  I’m afraid its part of being human and no one escapes this feeling.  It happens to us all – more than once I’m afraid.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m  not belittling bereavement or sorrow. I’ve been there and got the T shirt.  In fact, I’ve got lots of these T shirts – just like you – relationships that broke my heart and of course, the loss of my beloved parents.  And how I wish I’d know about the Remedies in those days.

Grief at the loss of a loved one

A bereavement is always a shock, even when you expect it, it’s still a shock. And then comes the pain.
You feel as if there’s a stone in your stomach and your heart is literary broken – both that the same time.  The feelings of being completely lost and alone are mixed together so you’re unable to distinguish one feeling from another. And the only thought you can muster is “how do I get through today”? 

Without healing, that thought (and similar ones) run through your mind continuously, usually for months.

Where do you go now? What do you do now?  How can you pull your life together?

And what if you were unable to get to the bedside quick enough to say the words you know you should have said long ago.   What then?  Self-blame!  Guilt!  Such awful turmoil – all mixed up with sadness.

Broken Relationshiops

But these feelings are not exclusive to the death of a loved one, many have a broken heart from a broken relationship – a long marriage where one partner thinks all is well and is shocked and broken-hearted when the other wants to leave. 

t’s not the length of the relationship that signifies the depth or the pain.  We can fall into the deepest of loves in a matter of minutes (we all know that love-at-first-sight is true!)  The breaking of a relationship brings the same pain and we ask ourselves the same question?  “How am I going to get through today”?

And, in my house, (before I knew about Bach Flower Remedies) we got through the day by making endless tea!

Bach Remedies can heal a broken heart

Here are three remedies that will help heal your grief – even if its from 20 years ago: even if you’ve pushed grief down, it will have become loneliness and depression – these Bach Flower Remedies will see you on the road to recovery.

Sue came to one of my afternoon workshops on the Bach Flower Remedies.  This is Sue’s tale.  Her husband had died ten months earlier and she was not adjusting well at all.  Her family were hugely supportive and very worried.  As well as grieving the lost of the love of her life and her constant companion since mid teens, she was lonely and depressed too.

Star of Bethlehem is the first remedy you need

It doesn’t matter how old your grief is, this remedy will help.  It’s also the remedy for shock and trauma as well.

Star of Bethlehem is one of the remedies in Rescue Remedy.   So if you don’t have Star of Bethlehem, take Rescue Remedy,


Gentian is needed when you are ‘knocked back’ by an experience. It seems to over simplify and belittle the depth of emotions you may feel, if I say ‘you’ve suffered a set-back’.

You think everything is going well, and then you find out about an affair or your loved one wants to move on. You’re shaken to your core as well as being broken hearted This is a huge set-back for you.

You are bitterly disappointed and become depressed (Gentian is an excellent remedy for depression – if you can remember your ‘set-back’). You’re so discouraged by your experiences that you’re sceptical about life ever getting better. You’d like to get better, but you don’t believe you can.

It’s worthwhile having Gentian in your Bach-kit because it isn’t only for the big disappointments. If your child didn’t do as well as they hoped at school, or wasn’t chosen for the sports team or didn’t receive the phone call or text from the new boyfriend/girlfriend – the Gentian will take away the feelings of disappointment before they festers and go deeper.

Pine will help you, when you feel ashamed

If only I’d….

If you don’t get to the bedside in time; if you’ve been working so hard for too long that your partner moves out: if you didn’t do enough for your parents – you always meant to visit once a month, but never got around to it, then you’re going to feel guilty about it.  You meant to go and help your mum with the housekeeping and dad with garden – but you never got around to it – and now its too late and Guilt takes over. You can push guilt down until it turns into depression

If only .. ” runs through your mind constantly.  And you feel awful. You’re ashamed of yourself.  The list of ‘should haves’ and ‘could haves’ run endlessly through your mind as you’re filled with guilt!  And no matter what you try to do: talking yourself out of, going partying, watching junk on the TV – nothing helps. The Bach Flower Remedy Pine will help you.

These are just three of the 38 Bach Remedies.  Although these three will help you, you could benefit from some of the other remedies too.

Once again, if you’d like to find out more about the Bach Flower Remedies click here now to find which remedy would be best for you.

Over to you

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Thank you.

About the author 

Rose Todd

Rose is the founder of The Bach Flower School, a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner and a Qualified Homeopath. Her passion for the Bach Flower Remedy healing system as been growing since she first discovered Bach's work. She has been teaching the Bach principles for over four decades now. When she's not reading a book on natural healing, she is walking around a lake or spending time with her family.

  • Tracey schenhoff says:

    spot on and divine timing ! with so much grieving in the world I’m surprised there is enough flowers! Thank you

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Tracey. Thank you for leaving a message. The Bach Remedies are become more widely used, and I too thought about not being able to find Bach Flowers to meet the expanding market. But then I realised – as you said .. Devine Timing. I’m pretty sure that the Devine or the Universe, will keep the flowers we need growing, in the amounts we need.
      I hope your studying is going well. Love Rose

  • …..your comment about making endless cups of tea to deal with heartbreak just made me smile (thank you) – I thought I was the only one to find ‘solace’ in tea – a cup permanently glued in my hand for weeks now.

  • Your comment about endless cups of tea to combat heartbreak made smile thank you) as there’s a permanent cup of tea glued to my hand now

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Lee. Thank you for leaving a comment. Not only is there something ‘soothing’ about tea, but its the routine of making the tea and washing up (doing small mindless things) that is helpful too.
      I think, in grief situations) add Star of Bethlehem or Rescue Remedy to your tea),
      Many blessing. Rose

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