June 6, 2023

The other day I was asked if Bach Flower Remedies could really heal an angry heart and produce lasting change? Just in case you can relate to this, I thought I’d share part of an email I received…

My question is – can Bach remedies produce a lasting change?

A recent incident has made me understand that I am angry – not on the surface, but underneath, a kind of latent belief waiting for the right trigger. and when I’m triggered, my anger explodes.

It’s all about the world not being fair because I “did everything that was asked of me” and still my life is not working out.  

Can Bach Flowers heal my angry heart”? 

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A Deep Seated Change


The Bach Flower Remedies can and do bring about deep-seated, lasting change.  The ‘lasting change’ comes when the underlying belief that causes negative emotions is healed.   And the Bach Remedies can do that.

The momentum of our deepest beliefs keeps them continually surfacing.  In this case, anger which goes right back to childhood and has by now, got a good strong momentum going and therefore your anger shows up at slightest trigger.

We are inclined to blame our parents and teachers for our negative beliefs.  But our parents brought us up the only way they knew how (the same way they were brought up their parents) and a lot of the beliefs we were given to us by society itself.

In years gone by children were ‘controlled’ and taught with guilt, shame and punishment.  In lots of ways, they were treated unfairly.  In some way or other, this will have happened to you.  And this definitely gives the message that you are not good enough the way you are.

When Doing Your Best is Not Enough

So, you do what’s expected of you; you do the best you can and still you don’t get the love you so desperately wants

But here’s the tricky thing about doing ‘what’s expected’ of you – it’s a ‘movable feast’. You do your best, doing what you think is right, but you don’t know how the other is going to react to you this time! It’s always changing. You’ve no measure of what’s going to be right this time. How are you ever going to know if you’re going to get it ‘right?

You’ve done your best and you don’t know what else to do. And you become angry. There’s another thing that adds to the mix, is that you probably were not allowed to be angry – so you had to swallow it: suppress it.

And yet even now, decades later, even after you thought you’d sort it all out, your still shows up, at the slightest trigger.  And the trigger is often either when you or others are being treated unfairly.

If this sounds familiar to you, then Holly is the main remedy that can help you, along with two others.


Holly is the Bach Flower Remedy you need to heal your anger whether its old anger that keeps rising up or whether its a fresh anger. 

Holly feels Wounded or Attacked by Another

This wounding is “not only on the surface, but underneath, a kind of latent anger waiting for the right trigger”.  E. Bach.

The Holly state is very serious as it describes all kinds of strong negative emotions, which not only burn within us, but express themselves in destructive, even violent behaviour.  Holly is the remedy for violent anger, jealousy, envy, revenge and general vexation.   So you can understand that if you’re feeling any of these emotions, you’ll be suspicious of someone: not trust them.  Holly will help, heal and soothe those feelings.

The other 2 remedies that will help you are Impatiens and Beech.

Impatiens gets irritable and angry very quicky when people and events are moving too slow

Beech is a brilliant remedy to go with Holly and Impatiens.  If you find yourself being critcal and intolerant of the way others are doing something, that’s the time to take Beech

Anger is our reaction when we feel someone has wounded our personal sense of self.  You’ll feel invaded and can react with explosive anger and outrage. (This is an excellent remedy to use for rape.)   

Treat the Most Intense Emotions First

When you’re deciding which Bach Flower Remedies to take or give to another always, treat the most intense emotion you see. That’s the starting place. Then add the other remedies you decide will help.

As the above question came from a man who is definitely on the path of personal and spiritual growth, I suggested he take Holly on its own – not because its more effective on its own, but so he’d be more aware of the changes that this one remedy brings.

As the above question came from a man who is definitely on the path of personal and spiritual growth, I suggested he take Holly on its own – not because its more effective on its own, but so he’d be more aware of the changes that this one remedy brings.

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Vicky Moane
Master of Feng Shui

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About the author 

Rose Todd

Rose is the founder of The Bach Flower School, a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner and a Qualified Homeopath. Her passion for the Bach Flower Remedy healing system as been growing since she first discovered Bach's work. She has been teaching the Bach principles for over four decades now. When she's not reading a book on natural healing, she is walking around a lake or spending time with her family.

  • Catherine Ward-Brown says:

    That was really interesting. I’ve been using Willow for slow-burn resentment of life in general but reading about the deep seated nature of anger I may try Holly. Thanks Rose x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Catherine. Thank you for your comment.
      The way I see it is that Holly is for when are anger is ‘alive and well’! And the cause of the Holly state is because we feel insulted or wounded. We feel indignant! While that anger is alive – you can ‘do something with it’ – express your anger!
      But if you’re in a place when ypu can’t express your anger – for example, you’re passover at work, but you can’t do anything about it because you need your job. So, you can’t express your anger, ypu have to ‘push it down’ and that’s whats what causes bitterness and resentment.
      I hope this is helpful. I do hope that Holly helps! If not email me and I’ll help.

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