June 23, 2023

A few days ago I had a question from one of the members of my Facebook Bach Group about how to take the Bach Flower Remedies, and as it is such a good question I thought I’d share the answer with you.

But before I run through the most effective way of taking the remedies, I’d like to tell you about two Free Bach Flower Guides.  Click the image to order your guides.

Now, back to taking the remedies..

Part of the confusion surround how to effectively take these powerful remedies is because there are 4 different ways to take them and they all work!

The remedies are going to work, no matter how you take them (so long as you chosen a matching remedy).

1) Drops on your tongue

You can up 2 drops on your tongue straight from a Stock Bottle (the small 10ml bottles are Stock Bottles) or you can put 4 drops on your tongue straight from a treatment bottle. More on the treatment bottle later.

2) Put the remedies into water

Edward Bach liked to put his remedies in water.   Water will carry the memory of whatever has been in it.  So when we put the remedies into a glass of water, it turns the whole glass into your remedy.

Sipping the water frequently is the most effective way of using the remedies to bring about a healing.

The remedies are preserved in brandy and so to give a child or an animal remedies straight from the bottle, the strong taste of brandy will be a shock. It’s kinder to put the remedies into water, juice or tea to disguise the taste of brandy.

3) The Treatment Bottle

If you’re dealing with a long term problem, perhaps unravelling something situations from childhood, then using a treatment bottle is the most effective way of taking the remedies.

A Treatment Bottle is usually a 30ml brown bottle, with a dropper, which is sometimes available from high street chemists. Treatment bottles will be available from your Bach Flower Essence/Remedy manufacture.

4) From the Treatment Bottle to a glass of water

The 4th way to take the remedies, is to make yourself a Treatment Bottle, and then put 4 drops from the Treatment Bottle into a small glass of water, and sip it frequently throughout the day.

The key is that the intensity of your emotions indicates the frequency of dose.  For example, if you’re extremely anxious, then you’ll need your remedies about every 15 minutes fo a couple of hours.

So – Intensity of emotions indicates frequency. Frequency is more important than ‘number of drops’.

Personal Mix

Edward Bach understood that we are all individuals and we each see our world through our own unique lens. Therefore, the beauty of his simple method of healing is that you can select the remedies that you feel suit you best: that are the closest match to your feelings, and mix together your own personal mixture – that suits only you.

Making and using a treatment bottle

Fill a 30ml (or perhaps you have a 20ml, if you’ve bough your remedies in pharmacy on the high street or in a suoermarket. Fill the bottle to the shoulder with mineral or filtered water

Next add 2 drops of every chosen remedy, including Rescue Remedy (Bach advocating using no more than 6) into your Treatment bottle, so I always stick to that.

Remember to put a label on the bottle, with the date and the remedies you’ve chosen. You’ll be referring to this when you come to make up the next bottle.

Now you take 4 drops from your treatment bottle – at least 4 times a day.

a) You can take it straight onto your tongue.
b) Or you can do as I do (I found this is the most effective way of taking the remedies) and put your 4 drops into a small glass of water, and sip it frequently throughout the day.

A Treatment bottle will normally last you about 3 1/2 to 4 weeks.

There is no need to add additonal brandy or apple cider vinegar to a Treatment Bottle. The water will be OK for that short a time.

However, if the bottle is going to have to last much longer, then I would suggest you perserve the water by adding half a teaspoon of brandy, or cider vinegar.

Making up a treatment bottle and putting 4 drops in a glass of water that you’ll sip throughout the day (and can last you all day) is, in my opinion, the most effective way of getting steady results, and also the most economical way of using the remedies.

If you’ll like to be able to help yourself and your family to live emotionally balances lives, I have Bach Flower Remedy On-Line Course which will help you do just that.

Over to you…

As always, I love to hear from you, so please leave your thoughts and comments in the Comment box below.

Thank you.

About the author 

Rose Todd

Rose is the founder of The Bach Flower School, a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner and a Qualified Homeopath. Her passion for the Bach Flower Remedy healing system as been growing since she first discovered Bach's work. She has been teaching the Bach principles for over four decades now. When she's not reading a book on natural healing, she is walking around a lake or spending time with her family.

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